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VORP Newsletter Index
1984 to 2012

Newsletters beginning September 2012
Tim Nightingale, Director

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Newsletters beginning October 2007
Noelle Nightingale, Director

    2011   Volume 29
  • May 2011
    "Making a difference...Seeing the light" by Craig FauntLeRoy; Meet the interns; Director changes her name.
  • October 2011
    "Laughter and Embrace" by Teri Johnson; meet interns Antonia Guzman, Hla Vang and Isamar Mendez;
    2009   Volume 27
  • January 2009
    "Mediation Reflections" by Max McDougal; Book Review: Dacia Maraini's The Silent Duchess by Danielle Bove; 13th Restorative Justice Conference announcement; VORP in the news
  • February 2009
    "Mediation Reflections" by Danielle Bove; Statistics Review by Noelle Daoudian
  • March 2009
    "Laughter and Mediation" by Morgan Crawford and Pamela Cline; "RJ Conference brings Illumination & Hope" by Noelle Daoudian
  • April 2009
    The intern issue
  • June 2009
    All about the Restorative Justice Initiative and the new mediation class.
  • July 2009
    "Achieving transformation by Alfonso Padron; "Amy Wall Story available on DVD; VORP mediators needed for pilot project
  • August 2009
    "An Unexpected Friendship" by Noelle Daoudian; "Reconciliation: Not limited by language" by Daniella Bove;
  • November/December 2009
    Community Justice Conference story by Noelle Daoudian; Case manager Morgan Crawford hands off to Daniella Bove; Reedley Police VORP referrals to begin in January;
    2010   Volume 28
  • January-February 2010
    "Paradigm shift" by Kelly Thompson; online donations; VORP t-shirts; VORP organizing institute;
  • May 2010
    Sustaining Friends;
  • November 2010
    Meet the interns; Introducing new communications and marketing assistant; Daniella Bove's reflections on her time in Fresno;
    2007   Volume 25
  • October 2007
    Transitions at VORP; Kingdom Work, John Isaak; Intern introductions
  • November 2007
    Get to know Noelle Daoudian; new interns from CSUF Sambo Peang and Jermaine Armstrong; matching grant goal reached
  • December 2007
    "'Tis the season" by Noelle Daoudian; "Understanding gained through mediation" by Dorreen Roth; Introducing new case manager Morgan Crawford
    2008   Volume 26
  • January 2008
    "Pathways of Resolution" by Morgan Crawford; "Mediation Memoirs" by Jeff Klein; introducing bookkeeper Norma Cabrera
  • February 2008
    "The numbers are in" by Noelle Daoudian reporting 2007 statistics; "Snowball of Passion" by Morgan Crawford; introducing intern Christopher Kelm
  • May 2008
    Donald Fischer 40th Annual Volunteer Award Recipient; "Offering Hope" by Noelle Daoudian; Mediation story by Jana Hendricks
  • August 2008
    Noelle Daoudian on the Santa Barbara Restorative Justice Conference; "Cases in Stock" by Morgan Crawford
  • September 2008
    "Shoplifting Class" by Ed Barton; Meet our new intern Marilyn Starks
  • October 2008
    "Taggers take responsibility" by Karen Peterson; "Meet our new intern Ernesto Cazares;" "THANK YOU goes out to all who attended, supported, donated, and volunteered at our fall 2008 fundraiser" November 2008
    "Being Thankful" by Morgan Crawford, a story about a family event; Report on a school case by Morgan Crawford; photo of VORP honorees Hon. Denise Whitehead and Chief Probation Officer Linda Penner
  • December 2008
    "Reflections on reconciliation" by Noelle Daoudian, a case story; Introducing Mennonite Voluntary Service worker Danielle Bove

Newsletters 2003-2007
Duane Ruth-Heffelbower, Administrator

    2007   Volume 25
  • January 2007
    "Administrator's Corner" recapping the past year and looking ahead; case story by Alicia Hinton; "Valley Recognition" by Noelle Daoudian describing the recent Fresno Bee story about our program
  • February 2007
    "Administrator's Corner" report on our 2006 experience with the citation cases; "Mediation and Me" by Lynne Jennings
  • March 2007
    "Administrator's Corner" report on our 2006 experience with standard cases and a graph of our total casses for the last 23 years; special training opportunities.
  • June 2007
    "Shoplifting Class experience" by Karen Wood; an offender's success story; Ron Claassen honored
  • July 2007
    "Administrator's Corner" on the meaning of freedom; "Persistence in the face of frustration" case report by Bill Simon; getting to know intern Keith Page; birth of Cameron Phouthachak
  • August 2007
    "More than mediation" by Dave Obwald; introducing summer intern Isaac George
  • September 2007
    Administrator's Corner on the status of our challenge grant; mediation story by Heather Franco; introduction of new Center for Peacmaking and Conflict Studies program - Circles of Support and Accountability for paroled sex offenders
    2005   Volume 23
  • February 2005
    Case story from Katie Fast; news and
    notes; annual report
  • March 2005
    A car keying case; news and
    notes; 10 easy ways
  • May 2005
    A success story from Hien Vu; report
    from the American Society of Victimology
  • June 2005
    Summertime at VORP
  • September 2005
    The fire case, by Donald Fischer; introducing mediation manager Jenna Preheim
  • October 2005
    Church based VORP by Tony Redferm; 11th annual Restorative Justice Conference
  • November 2005
    "The Transforming Power of VORP" by Ron Claassen, a case story; advanced training info; news of new VORP initiatives
  • December 2005
    "Reconciliation as Generosity and Invitation" by Tony Redfern, a case story; church-based VORPs; shoplifter program
    2006   Volume 24
  • January 2006
    "Affirmation From Fresno County Juvenile Probation" by Beatrice F. Sanchez, DPO IV; Statistical report; introduction of intern Joe Montanez
  • February 2006
    "What it means to be a VORP Master Mediator" a report of a gathering of VORP Master Mediators; "Case Success Story" by Victoria Walters
  • March 2006
    "Building a Church-Based VORP" by Ron Blalack, Associate Pastor, Peoples Church; "A Success Story"
  • April 2006
    "$100,000 matching gift to VORP" by Ron Claassen; "Restorative Justice Work Being Implemented at San Quentin Prison" by Jack Dison
  • May 2006
    "In-service for VORP mediators" by Duane Ruth-Heffelbower; "Mediation: One Process, Many Uses" By Noelle Daoudian
  • June 2006
    "Current Challenges" by Duane Ruth-Heffelbower; "Success Story" by Christine Patzkowsky-Smith
  • August 2006
    Goodbye from Jenna Preheim and Hello from Noelle Daoudian; Regional Foundation grant; Baptist Temple’s Graffiti Abatement Program;
  • September 2006
    12th Restorative Justice Conference by Duane Ruth-Heffelbower; Resorative Discipline by Jill Schellenberg; Intern introductions
  • October 2006
    Restorative Justice Conference report by Noelle Daoudian; Mediation in Angola by Jason Ekk; a parent's letter to VORP; intern introductions
  • November 2006
    An offender and his mother speak about their VORP experience; "Season of Thanks" by Noelle Daoudian.
  • December 2006
    "A Mediation Story" by Tim & Lou Ann Moore; "It's been a good year" by Duane Ruth-Heffelbower; intern Juan Angel Villon introduces himself

    2003   Volume 21
  • February 2003
    Case story from Sheri Wiedenhofer; news and notes
  • May 2003
    Case story from Johnny Phouthachak; news and notes
  • July 2003
    Case story from Rene Soto; interview with mediator Rick Gaston; news and notes
  • August 2003
    Case story from Don Fisher; news and notes
  • October 2003
    A success story by Megan Thompson and Helmine Bigler; interview of mediator Rene Soto; Mediator recognition list
  • November 2003
    "Mediators in the church" by Earlene Hodgson and Dale Reed; Megan's VORP crossword puzzle
  • December 2003
    "A Miracle the VORP Way" by Cindy Sparks; "VORP Workshop at the 10th Annual Restorative Justice Conference" by Megan Thompson.
    2004   Volume 22
  • January 2004
    Ron Claassen and Duane Ruth-Heffelbower international restorative justice work; "A mediation story" by Michael Blue; Sustaining Friends recognition
  • March 2004
    "Focus Groups on VORP and Restorative Justice" by Jack Dison; "Introducing our interns" by Megan Thompson;
  • April 2004
    "Mediation story" about the work of Case Manager Megan Thompson, first published at www.mennonitemission.net
  • May 2004
    "Mediation Story" by VORP Board member Eleanor Richards
  • August 2004
    Mediation story by Sally Vogl
  • September 2004
    Mediation story by John Sewell
  • November 2004
    A success story by Megan Thompson
  • December 2004
    A reflection on the Lord's Prayer by Duane Ruth-Heffelbower; A Mediation Story by Dan Rowley, Esq.

Newsletters December 1999-June 2001
Jay Griffith, Executive Director

    1999-2000   Volume 18
  • December 1999
    Jay Griffith named Interim Executive Director; transition message from Jay Griffith.
  • January 2000
    "Neighborhood benefits from victim offender mediation;" Jay Griffith, "Peacemaking 501: Humility, a mediator's greatest strength (part 1)."
  • February 2000
    Jay Griffith, "Peacemaking 501: Humility, a mediator's greatest strength (part 2)."
  • March 2000
    "How do we teach kids that crime doesn't pay, so they get it?"
  • April 2000
    Jay Griffith named Executive Director; "VORP by the numbers 1983-2000.
  • May 2000
    Jay Griffith and Doug Noll, "Is 'Prison Justice,' Justice?"
  • August-September 2000
    Jay Griffith, "Victim releases offender from a $2,000 debt."
  • October-November 2000
    Hanna Starkweather, "Bittersweet candy, sweet peace."
  • December 2000
    Jay Griffith with Vicki Bandy and Bonny Yantis, "Youth returns to a local school Hate, School returns to a local youth Hope."
    2001   Volume 19
  • January-February 2001
    Doug Noll and Jay Griffith, "Bi-Lingual Mediation Satisfies Victims' Needs"
  • March-April 2001 not yet available on the web.
  • May-June 2001
    Becky Beane, "The IceCream Man;" California Lawyer, "Restorative Justice: Juvenile offenders negotiate penalties with their victims."

Newsletters September 1984 to October 1999
Ron Claassen, Executive Director

All the newsletters have been scanned and uploaded and are in the process of being indexed. Pre-1996 newsletters are scanned as images and so are not searchable, thus the need for an index page. If you have a copy of one of the missing ones, please let us know.

    1984   Volume 2
  • February
    1983 statistics; full-time volunteer Gail Boldt arrives
  • March
    Gail Boldt bio; 19 active VORP volunteers
  • April
    VORP office burglarized; national meeting of program directors
  • May-June
    Media attention begins
  • July
    VORP becomes a separate entity with incorporating board in place; a victim talks about the experience
  • August
    30 VORPs nationwide; MCC network
  • September
    Babysitter burglarizes employer's home;
  • October
    VORP Gathering story quoting Judge John Fitch; Fresno VORP is the only one in North America collecting restitution; income goal of $2,500/month established
  • November
    Burglary case becomes a discussion of neighborhood vandalism; finances
  • December
    Message from board Chair Duane Heffelbower; end of year reports
    1985   Volume 3
  • January
    1984 statistics; plans for 1985
  • February
    Gail Boldt reflects on a year of full-time VORP work
  • March
    Girls charged as offenders and also listed as victims
  • June
    More cases than we can handle
  • July
    Report on one of the first VORP research projects; broken windows case
  • August
    Story of a battery case
  • September
    MVS volunteer Gail Boldt leaves for Harvard; follow-up letters to victims and offenders;
  • December
    Average of 27 referrals per month in 1985; quotes and stories; ending the year in the black
    1988   Volume 6
  • January
    VORP services offered, Statistics of cases from previous years by Ron Claassen
  • February
    Defining "Reconciliation". A victim evaluates VORP after her experience by Ron Claassen.
  • April
    VORP needs more volunteer mediators, Next training scheduled for May 10 and 17 by Ron Claassen.
  • June
    Purpose of VORP by Ron Claassen.
  • August
    VORP is growing by Ron Claassen.
  • September
    Community churches involvement increases to help handle larger case loads for VORP and the need for more funding by Ron Claassen.
  • October
    Community churches involvement increases to help handle larger case loads for VORP and the need for more funding by Ron Claassen.
  • November
    VORP awareness is spreading and more supportive community members are volunteering. Hope for same response in the financial support by Ron Claassen.
  • December
    VORP volunteers try to find peace in conflict by Ron Claassen.
    1989   Volume 7
  • January
    An over view of VORP services, statistics, and funding. A special Thanks to our volunteers and financial supports.
  • February
    Meeting your fellow mediators at the VORP gathering April 27th by Ron Claassen.
  • May
    Review of VORP annual gathering turn out and presentations by Ron Claassen.
  • June
    Victim Offender Reconciliation Groups in California Prison makes positive impact. Help get the word out for VORP volunteers by Ron Claassen.
  • September
    2nd Annual VORP gathering set for October 5th by Ron Claassen
  • October
    Twenty-seven people represent 5 counties met at 2nd Annual VORP gathering by Ron Claassen.
  • November
    Resolving Disputes by Ron Claassen.
  • December
    Forgiveness rather then revenge and punishment. Victim and offenders after thought of VORP experience by Ron Claassen.
    1990   Volume 8
  • January
    1989 Review of how VORP works
  • February
    January Income did not cover January Expenses, Donations greatly needed by Ron Claassen
  • March
    Preparation for bringing victim and offender together by Ron Claassen
  • April
    Story from Rudy Dyck who is working through VORP with Mennonite Voluntary Service Program by Ron Claassen
  • May
    5th Annual VORP Gathering
  • June
    VORP Gathering and Celebration guest speakers discuss major shift in "lens" which we use. Victim and Offender participants in VORP share their insightful perspectives and experience by Ron Claassen.
  • July
    "Vision: Mystical and Practical" by Ron Glasser. Welcoming new volunteers to VORP team. Mediator support groups and training information by Ron Claassen.
  • August
    Information and awareness of VORP by Ron Claassen
  • November
    Mediator support group meeting. What Ron really does. No time to take a case? Alternate volunteer opportunities with VORP other then mediating cases.
    1991   Volume 9
  • January
    1990 Report of Expansion of VORP by Ron Claassen
  • February
    Impact of listening during mediation by Ron Claassen
  • March
    Completion of Restitution Contract Brings Gratification, David Augsburger to speak at VORP Gathering April 11th by Ron Claassen
  • April
    VORP Goals of Restoration are being Accomplished by Ron Claassen
  • May
    First VORP case a positive experience for volunteers, Volunteers recognized at VORP gathering by Ron Claassen
  • June
    Seminary Student Shares Case still in Progress, Volunteer Mediator Training Scheduled for June by Ron Claassen
  • July
    Forgiveness is Recognizing What has been wrong and making things right. First Time Volunteer shares successful case by Ron Claassen
  • August
    Mediating VORP case was a good experience for Local Attorney, Together We Can Make a Difference by Ron Claassen
  • September
    VORP helps to reduce fear and hostility in Our World by Ron Claassen
  • October
    VORP honored by The U.S. Department of Justice, An Accusation ends with a handshake by Ron Claassen
    1993   Volume 11
  • January
    10 year anniversary issue
  • February
    What is the meaning of Justice?, Summary of 1992 by Ron Claassen
  • March
    Cooperative Decision/ Resolution Process Has Many Benefits, VORP Volunteer Turn Teens Arrest into a Positive Experience by Ron Claassen
  • April
    Cooperative Decisions/ Resolutions (Consensus) Require that Decision Makers adopt Constructive (Consensus) Values, More mediators needed by Ron Claassen
  • May
    A Model for Reducing Stress and Increasing Efficiency, 14 year old shed tears of regret-take responsibility of crime by Ron Claassen
  • June
    Fresno County Bar Association Gives Liberty Bell Award to VORP, VORP Experience Changes Outlook and Provides Hope, Young Graffiti Offender learns what the "R" in VORP means by Ron Claassen
  • July
    Windows of Opportunity Exists to Create New System, Graffiti Artists Repaints by Ron Claassen
  • September
    Restorative Justice- A New Frame from An Old Call to Change, VORP, Bridges Culture Gap; Participants Gain New Respect for One Another by Ron Claassen
  • November
    Progress Being Made on Referral System for Adult VORP cases
  • December
    Spirit of Responsibility and Reconciliation Prevail by Ron Claassen
    1994   Volume 12
  • January
    Purse Snatching Case at Mall- Part 2: Through the Victim's Perspective by Ron Claassen
  • February
    Restorative Justice is founded in VORP by Ron Claassen
  • March
    Crime affecting our nation, Second Annual Restorative Justice Ministries Conference scheduled for May 12 and 13 at Fresno Pacific College by Ron Claassen
  • April
    Churches to provide more VOPR Leadership, Assault Case between kids help parents resolve their own frustrations by Ron Claassen
  • May
    Two- Ex Graffiti Artists tell their story, The most effective decisions are voluntary by Ron Claassen
  • June
    More cases but donations from the community greatly needed, Regretful Store Clerk pays back $3,000 by Ron Claassen
  • July
    Zero Tolerance Policy Harmful to Reconciliation Process, Miracles Happens at the Ladies quilting group by Ron Claassen
  • August
    VORP from Loss/Lose to Win/Win, A "Tagging" Case ends in Win/Win, More Volunteers needed by Ron Claassen
  • September
    Teenagers and New Homeowner sign contract after successful mediation by Ron Claassen
  • November
    Event helps VORP raise funds and awareness, Boy admitting to wrongdoing after vandalizing school by Ron Claassen
  • December
    December 1994 "Upon offender's release, meeting offers hopes of healing for victim's family"-Ron Glasser, "Joy-Rider caught in stolen car accepts victim's dinner invitation"- Jannine Elliot, "VORG" - Ron Claassen
    1995   Volume 13
  • January
    "Ron recommends restorative '95 resolutions" by Ron Claassen; "Teenagers, mother jump-start relationship after battery offense" by Jane Shoji and Laura Fultz;
  • February
    "Mediation can lead to respect, forgiveness - reconciliation" by Ron Claassen;
  • March
    "C.S. Lewis: 'without good individuals you cannot have a good society'VORP process includes invitations from 41 churches to seek reconciliation with God" by Ron Claassen; "After meeting with VORP mediators, auto theft victims, offender admits other offenses and asks for mediation with victims" by Jennifer Gamble;
  • April
    "VORP is not soft on crime" by Ron Claassen; "Graffiti vandalism case resolved through VORP" by Florine Cash;
  • June
    "Black and blue and barbecue: friendship restored through efforts of youths, family members and persistent VORP mediator" by Marcus Page; "Coming to terms with restorative justice: 'Criminal Justice System' ready for name change" by Ron Claassen; "Become a peacemaking model" by Ron Claassen;
  • July
    "Restorative justice primary focus on people, not procedures" (RJ Principles part 1) by Ron Claassen; "Principal uses VORP process to teach important lessons about responsibility, peer pressure" by Doris Ashworth and Trevor Siemens;
  • August
    "Principles of restorative justice: crime is wrong!" (RJ Principles part 2) by Ron Claassen; "Ex-embezzler builds equity at local bank" by Jesse Corwin;
  • September
    "Temper tempered: victim offender meeting leads to greater understanding after violent outburst" by Carol Pryor with Ron Claassen;
  • October
    "Principles of Restorative Justice: official actions should be reasonable, restorative, respectful" (RJ Principles part 4) by Ron Claassen; "Restorative Justice System Model" by Ron Claassen; "VORP provides cooperative process for dealing with schoolhouse injury" by Le Jon Howard with Ron Claassen;
  • November
    "Faith community can play important healing role in response to crime" (RJ Principles part 5) by Ron Claassen; "Computer class rip-off worked off through VORP" by Trevor Siemens with Ron Claassen;
  • December
    "VORP is good news" by Ron Claassen; "Short-changing cashier and store manager register life-changing experience through VORP" by Trevor Siemens with Ron Claassen;
    1996   Volume 14
  • January
    Ron Claassen, "1995 Conference brings Restorative Justice vision to community leaders;" "Recent case shows value of VORP Community Justice Conferences."
  • February
    Ron Claassen, "Volunteers lead peacemaking processes;" "1995, the year in brief."
  • March
    Ron Claassen, "Where is he now? Story of a 1988 VORP offender;" Linda Curtis with Ron Claassen, "VORP serves as healing aid for victim, offender."
  • April
    Ron Claassen, "Restorative justice is not soft on crime;" Elaine Enns with Ron Claassen, "Offender calls VORP toughest (and best) response to crime."
  • May
    Ron Claassen, "Reconciliation happening, say VORP participants;" Cecillia Weaver and Julius Lockett with Ron Claassen, "VORP case wrapped up with candy bars."
  • June
    Ron Claassen, "Restorative Justice challenges ‘myth of redemptive violence’;" Carol Pryor with Ron Claassen, "After streetlight shooting spree, Offenders exchange BB gun for notepad."
  • July
    Ron Claassen, "Measuring Restorative Justice: The J Scale;" Gigi Stone with Ron Claassen, "VORP meeting straightens out crooked car deal."
  • August
    Ron Claassen, "True accountability leads toward reconciliation;" Lucile Wheaton with Ron Claassen, "Extraordinary encounter: Victim meets offender in stolen property case."
  • September
    Elaine Enns, "Annual conference to examine role of church, state, legislation in Restorative Justice;" Cathy Bell with Ron Claassen, "Minds meet in multi-lingual mediation."
  • October
    Ron Claassen, "Accountability and Restorative Justice;" Amy Holiday with Ron Claassen, "Mediator modifies mindset after meeting mislabeled monster."
  • November
    Ron Claassen, "Can ‘reintegrative shame’ reinforce community values, restore victims and offenders of crime?" Trevor Siemens with Ron Claassen, "Card collectors trade resentment for restoration."
  • December
    Ron Claassen, "Reconciliation is good news;" Sarah Watters with Ron Claassen, "Changes of mind lead to changes of heart."
    1997   Volume 15
  • January
    Ron Claassen, "Why do offenders go straight?" Catherine Maye Brown with Ron Claassen, "Offender 'goes straight' into new job with victim."
  • February
    "VORP recognizes the friends who made peacemaking possible in 1996" "Year in Review."
  • March
    Ron Claassen, "Awkward or not . . . Summarizing is crucial listening skill;" Robert Van Cobb with Ron Claassen, "VORP helps family restore domestic tranquility after domestic violence incident."
  • April
    Ron Claassen, "Changes on horizon for VORP as movement toward Restorative Justice continues;" Sean Peifer with Ron Claassen, "VORP meeting overcomes darkness with light of reconciliation."
  • May
    Ron Claassen, "VORP made possible by people responding to the call of service . . . Service connects our moral beliefs and the life we live;" Jacqueline Sichon with Ron Claassen, "After first escaping victim's pursuit, graffiti offender turns himself in, makes things right."
  • June
    Ron Claassen, "VORP's Community Justice Conferencing expands Restorative Justice in Fresno County;" "CJC gets at the heart of crime."
  • July
    Ron Claassen, "Fresno VORP recognized for contribution to Restorative Justice movement;" "Pastor shares in reconciliation experience at VORP Community Justice Conference."
  • August
    Ron Claassen, "Community justice conference merits closer observation;" Phillip Bender with Ron Claassen, "Principal invites offender to 'make herself at home' in school."
  • September
    Ron Claassen, "Small words - big difference;" Carolyn Wilson with Ron Claassen, "VORP helps neighbors rebuild relationship after burglary."
  • October
    Ron Claassen, "True justice is merciful;" VORP Community Justice Conference leads to mutual understanding, restitution, community service."
  • November
    Ron Claassen, "‘Vision’ crucial for moving in direction of Restorative Justice;" Ex-offender with Ron Claassen, "Ex-offender credits VORP for making him productive citizen."
  • December
    Ron Claassen, "Christmas reminds us what 'Good News' is;" Beverly Jim with Ron Claassen, "Skeptical mediator changes mind about graffiti cases."
    1998   Volume 16
  • January
    Ron Claassen, "Restorative Justice gaining momentum;" Sue Kliewer with Ron Claassen, "Busy restaurant scene of reconciliation, healing."
  • February
    Ron Claassen, "VORP is a community-building process;" 1997 year in review.
  • March
    Ron Claassen, "Interview with offender's mother shows power of VORP Community Justice Conference process."
  • April
    Ron Claassen, "Community Justice Conference process involves people who ‘need to know’;" Jay Griffith with Ron Claassen, "Offender makes about face after VORP Community Justice Conference, boot camp."
  • May
    Ron Claassen, "Punishment or accountability?" "Community conference ends in constructive, restorative sentence."
  • June
    Ron Claassen, "Listening opens door to reconciliation;" Jay Griffith with Ron Claassen, "Interview with an ex-offender."
  • July
    Ron Claassen, "Why don't we use cooperative methods more to resolve conflicts?" Laurie Mitchell with Ron Claassen, "VORP helps runaway find her way back home."
  • August
    Ron Claassen, "Trust grows when agreements are made and kept;" Victoria Buksbazen with Ron Claassen, "VORP offender shares struggles, successes."
  • September
    Ron Claassen, "Offense illustrates need for restorative justice system;" "Offender credits VORP for new outlook on life."
  • October
    Ron Claassen, "Trust, forgiveness revisited in light of current events (Peacemaking Model);" Jill Yergensen and John Lawless with Ron Claassen, "Offender makes things right after school vandalism."
  • November
    Ron Claassen, "VORP essential to the community-building process;" Ka Xiong with Ron Claassen, "Offender discovers victim's genuine concern through VORP process."
  • December
    Sara Rickard with Ron Claassen, "VORP enables offenders to apologize for armed robbery;" Ron Claassen Christmas message.
    1999   Volume 17
  • January
    Ken Kaneversky with Ron Claassen "Offender accepts responsibility through VORP;" Ron Claassen "One school's experience with Discipline That Restores gives hope for the future." Ken Kaneversky "One volunteer mediator's perspective."
  • February
    Ron Claassen "VORP is a community-building process;" "1998 review."
  • March
    Ron Claassen, "Whether crime or misbehavior, restorative justice principles provide guidance on how to respond;" Melissa Wong with Ron Claassen, "Mothers offer advice, support to daughters after rock-throwing incident."
  • April
    Ron Claassen, "Making things as right as possible central to Restorative Justice, Discipline That Restores;" Darren Brassington with Ron Claassen, "VORP meeting shows movement from hostility to civility;" "Grateful victim thanks local congregations for response."
  • May
    Ron Claassen, "Discipline That Restores uses cooperative options for handling conflict, misbehavior;" Dorothy Snyder with Ron Claassen, "Auto theft victim feels good about forgiving restitution after VORP meeting."
  • June
    Doug Noll with Ron Claassen, "Court reverses decision after VORP helps truth come out;" Ron Claassen, "Discipline That Restores invites willing participants to use cooperative resolution process."
  • July
    Ron Claassen, "With slight modifications VORP brings restorative justice to schools;" "Teacher uses VORP Peacemaking Model to resolve problem with student."
  • August
    Ron Claassen, "Mediation conference gives recognition to value of apology, transformation;" Beverly Jim with Ron Claassen, "Offender hired by victim after graffiti vandalism case resolved through VORP."
  • September
    Margaret Braun with Ron Claassen, "Graffiti case resolved using VORP process;" Ron Claassen, "VORP values voluntary involvement."
  • October
    Ron Claassen, "A VORP by any other name . . .;" John Lawless with Ron Claassen, "VORP helps father, son heal rift after violent assault."

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