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Victim Offender Reconciliation Program of the Central Valley has been publishing a newsletter from the beginning. Each issue contains a substantive article and usually the story of a case. These newsletters are now being offered here in Adobe Portable Document Format. This format allows you to download and print a copy of the newsletter just like the original. Our archive includes the newsletters since January 1996.

These newsletters are copyrighted. They may be reprinted in not-for-profit publications so long as they are not edited for content, proper credit is given, and you send us a copy of any such publication.

Reading a pdf file requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download it at this link. Beginning with the December 1998 issue you will need Acrobat Reader 3 or newer, and for issues after October 1999 you will need version 4.0 or newer. Version 9.x is current.

The newsletter directory lists the available editions by year and month, and lists the main articles. We intend to add each new newsletter as it is published and the archive is a complete set of all extant issues.

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For information about VORP in Fresno today please contact:

Community Justice Center

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